Why Autoglot?

Autoglot turns your blog or website into multilingual portal in minutes!

  • Get New Audience

    More than 80% of the world population does not speak or understand English. At the same time, at least 50% of all websites are in English. With Autoglot, you can translate your website into different languages, find a new audience, enter new markets, and share your message worldwide!

  • Increase Traffic

    At least 70% of all queries to Google and other search engines are made in languages other than English. And for these queries, search engines prefer websites in native languages. Autoglot is SEO compatible, translates titles and metadata, adds hreflang tags, and supports many SEO plugins. With Autoglot, you will receive a few separate fully crawlable versions of your blog and increase your organic traffic!

  • Translation on Autopilot

    Hiring independent translators and managing multilingual versions of your website can be challenging and costly. Keeping your translated content up-to-date can be time-consuming and sometimes impossible. Autoglot translates and updates your content on-the-fly, using the best neural machine translation solutions.

Autoglot Facts

Thousands of happy clients - and counting!

1,000+ Client Websites
50+ Active Languages
500+ Registered Members
10M+ Translated Words
$0.0003 Cost of 1 Word Translation

How to Start?

Forget about dealing with greedy freelance translators, asking your programmer to update your blog again and again, or hiring a new manager to take care of overall translation process. Autoglot provides a reliable and easy way to make your WordPress website or blog multilingual in 3 simple steps without asking for anyone's help!

  • 1. Set up our plugin

    Download our plugin from the "Download" section or via official WordPress plugin storage and install it on your site. Autoglot does not modify your original content and does not change your website structure. Your blog always stays safe!

  • 2. Register in our control panel

    Register in our Autoglot Control Panel and receive your unique API key. This key should be kept secret and never shared with anyone. You should enter this key in your Autoglot dashboard on your WordPress blog.

  • 3. Choose new languages

    Finally, you can choose as many languages as you want for your new multilingual website. For every language, Autoglot will create a separate version of your website in a new language with a unique easily scannable and crawlable URL.

Translation Providers

Autoglot uses the best machine learning providers on the market and works with the best neural machine translation solutions:

Who needs Autoglot?

Find new customers and increase your traffic. People like reading blog in their native languages. Who needs Autoglot WordPress translation solutions? Here are a few examples:

  • Content Marketing Websites

    Autoglot lets you quickly and easily increase your target audience without investing too much into manual translation, setting up new pages, hiring freelancers, etc. Just imagine having more than 50 websites while creating content only for one! Autoglot works perfectly for content marketing websites, private blog networks, official company blogs, news and media pages, etc.

  • Affiliate Marketing Pages

    Many affiliate programs offer their product pages in different languages. But many affiliates run websites only in one language, either English or their native language. As a result, they are losing their traffic, conversion rates, and sales. Autoglot has a built-in content replacement system that can show different links or content for different language versions. This lets affiliates increase their earnings!

  • All WordPress Blogs

    The sky is the limit. OK, WordPress is the only limit. It does not matter what type of website or blog you own. If it is on WordPress, you can use Autoglot translation solution and increase your audience, traffic, SEO scores, and finally meet your goals faster and easier! Autoglot is fully automated, you only need to set up a plugin, receive an API key and choose languages for your new pages.

Our Clients

Join thousands of WordPress websites and blogs that make use of Autoglot to increase their traffic.

  • "I started using Autoglot 3 months ago before their official release. I installed their plugin on my affiliate blog about trading. After the first month I saw no changes at all but then my traffic doubled and now I make 2.5x times more than before - without even making any new backlinks!"

    - Chen Chang
  • "I work for a company that runs several Private Blog Networks (PBN) for SEO purposes. We already tried increasing traffic by translating our websites into Spanish and Portuguese but failed to keep it smooth. Now with Autoglot, I spend only a few minutes each week to check the new pages in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French and German. We have fantastic SEO results!"

    - Charlotte Bird

Want to see a demo?

It's easy!

  • See our plugin in action

    Yes, we have our translation plugin installed on our own website! Use the links below and access autoglot.com in different languages!

  • Autoglot widget

    Autoglot plugin comes with a built-in widget where you can switch between different languages. You can easily change the widget appearance and behavior.

  • Hola / Hallo / Ciao / Bonjour / Привет / 你好

    Install Autoglot plugin and say hello to your new customers from all over the world!

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