What is Autoglot?

Autoglot provides a service for fully automated (meaning machine-generated) translation of websites that work on the WordPress management system. This translation is generated on-the-fly and then stored in a local WordPress database for further usage. Autoglot consists of 2 main parts:

  1. WordPress plugin. This plugin should be downloaded and installed on your local WordPress installation. Our plugin comes with numerous settings where you can choose your default language, any number of languages for translation from our predefined list, text replacement module that can be useful to show different content (images, links) on different translated pages; and advanced settings like “hreflang” tags generation, and so on.
  2. User Control Panel. After registering in our control panel, you will receive your unique API key that should be added to your WordPress Autoglot plugin. Our control panel lets you track your translation balance (number of words that can be translated automatically) and purchase more credits. For more information about our prices, please refer to the Pricing page.

How to download Autoglot plugin for WordPress?

We are glad to announce our plugin is now available on the official WordPress plugin repository. This proves the fact that the plugin has been tested for safety, security and overall stability.

Please go ahead and download our plugin from the official WordPress plugins website.

After you download and install it on your WordPress blog, please do not forget to register in our control panel, receive your unique API key, paste it on your blog’s plugin settings, and choose languages for translation!

Alternatively, you can download the plugin code using the link below:

Why WordPress?

WordPress is literally the best and most common content management system on the Internet!

According to W3techs, WordPress has more than 60% share of the CMS market and is installed on almost 40% of ALL WEBSITE!

WordPress is Available in Over 100 Languages

With all internationalization and localization features, WordPress is accessible in so many languages. And WordPress content is published in more than 120 languages worldwide!

This is why we created this plugin to let people from all over the world translate their WordPress blogs and websites into numerous languages using the best machine translation solutions.

Autoglot WordPress Translation Plugin

Autoglot plugin is designed to translate any WordPress website into different languages. Currently, the English language version of WordPress is at the top of the list with more than 70% of WordPress blogs. Next is Spanish (less than 5%), Indonesian (around 2.5%), and Portuguese (more than 2%).

What makes us unique is the fact that it requires no specific knowledge to install this plugin and create a new translation in 5 minutes or less!

Moreover, Autoglot follows all the best search engine optimization practices and create fully SEO compatible language versions. It will translate all HTML titles, META tags, schema.org markup, take care of all language settings, hreflang tags, etc.